• Jorge Cantu

NBA DFS DraftKings Lineups - Jan. 5, 2019

Andy Lions/Getty Images

Here are some NBA DFS DraftKings lineups for today's 7-game slate. Come back tomorrow for more lineups and today's results!

Jan. 4 Results:

Lineup 1 - 246.5

Lineup 2 - 234.5

Our perfect combination of starters in lineup one got ruined by a massive DeAndre Ayton underperformance. In lineup two, everybody but Hassan Whiteside and James Johnson fell short of value; there is not much one can do when you pick the right spots but players do not put up the numbers. One thing we can do is bounce back, as we have seven games tonight and I am positive this will be my first night making big cash in 2019. Make sure you give these lineups a look every day; you never know what you will find! Remember you can follow me on Twitter @CantuNBA for more NBA and DFS content! Here are today's NBA DFS DraftKings lineups:

Lineup 1: