• Jorge Cantu

NBA DFS DraftKings Lineups - Dec. 9, 2018

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another daily edition of NBA DFS DraftKings lineups. I do not recommend playing today, as I will briefly explain my reasoning. Come back tomorrow for more lineups!

Dec. 8 Results:

Lineup 1 - 235.75

Lineup 2 - 282.5

Lineup 3 - 253

As much as we had our usual dose of high-value plays, a couple of underachievers held our lineups back. That happens in slates as big as last night's, but lineups two and three were still decent.

Today is not the best day to play NBA DFS due to several reasons. There are only four games in the card and the first one is marked as early, leaving us with only three games on the slate. Out of those three games, one is a powerhouse matchup between the Bucks and the Raptors, and with both teams catching recent Ls, they will come in firing on all cylinders and somebody has to give; the second game is a matchup between the Spurs and Jazz, two of the slowest and most unpredictable teams in the league (neither of which favors us DFS owners); the last one is a matchup between the Hornets and the Knicks, which is not too bad of a game to pick from but I would be forced to stack my lineups with players from this one game only, which I obviously do not want. It is OK to take a one-day break from NBA DFS, as well as smart to identify when we are not in a favorable position.

Make sure you give these lineups a look every day; you never know what you will find! Remember you can follow me on Twitter @CantuNBA for more NBA and DFS content!