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The NBA Outlet EP. 136: Mailbag Edition

The NBA Outlet EP. 136: Mailbag Edition Nick Fay and Kory Waldron take some mailbag questions on this episode of The NBA Outlet. Questions Jorge Cantu‏ @CantuNBA Who will be the top seed in the Eastern conference? Jacob‏ @Jacob__NBA Who do you want on your team for the future? Booker, Tatum, or Mitchell? Rank them ? Jac Manuell‏ @TheJManJBT Does the drama between KD and Draymond give further reasons for Durant to leave GS in free agency Nick Boylan‏ @NickJBoylan Which contending team is most in need of a move, and who do they need? Jeremy Freed‏ @JeremyFreed3 Is Embiid-Simmons-Butler a championship caliber Big 3? Matt Mottram @mattmottram Thoughts on De’Aaron Fox and whether or not he is going to be something special? And what’s with last years top rookies slumping to begin the season. Tatum and Mitchell Jayson Heyward @jfromBKWith Philly now needing bench help & a shooter, do you think that the Nets could swing a Joey Shuttlesworth & RHJ for Fultz & Patton deal? Maybe get a #2 from Philly also?



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