• Matt Nguyen

A Deeper Dive Into Caris LeVert’s Ankle Injury

New York Post

With 3.7 seconds left in the first half in the Nets-Timberwolves game, Caris LeVert’s right ankle got caught underneath Josh Okogie’s body. The result of the fall was a gruesome foot injury rivaling Gordon Hayward’s from last year. LeVert was carted off the court and according to reports, ushered to a nearby Minneapolis hospital for further evaluation.

The Brooklyn Nets have reported this morning that LeVert has been diagnosed with a subtalar dislocation with only moderate ligament damage. The Nets and LeVert can breathe easier to know that there won’t be surgery required and he can possibly return this season.

The subtalar joint, also known as the talocalcaneal joint, controls the inversion/eversion motion of the ankle. With a dislocation, the surrounding tissues and ligaments are also stretched and damaged.

Here’s a look at what might be the road to return to Levert. The dislocation was most likely reduced last night after leaving the court. The ankle and foot will then be immobilized in a boot. The length of immobilization will depend on how the doctors and training staff feel about the severity of ligamentous damage. Different studies have shown immobilization periods of 3-8 weeks. Once the initial pain and swelling subside, Levert can then start physical therapy.

The beginning stages of physical therapy would consist of continued care of pain and swelling, as well as regaining ankle and foot range of motion. The next step of rehab would then be strength training and improving on balance and proprioception. The timetable for return to play would conservatively be 3-4 months.

LeVert had established himself as a cornerstone piece for the Nets. The hope is that he will return before the end of the season and continue to build on his strong season. It’s hard to believe, but the injury looked worse than what resulted. It’s a tough loss for now, but his future is still bright.

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