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O.T.T.T: De'Aaron Fox Will Be an All-Star This Season

The Sacramento Kings are a dangerous basketball team. Capable of beating anyone in the NBA. What makes them so good is their transition offense combined with their transition defense. The Kings will try and get up as many shots as possible, averaging 110 possessions per game, 4th in the NBA. The three teams ahead of them are the Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards. Clearly, the recipe for success isn't getting up a ton of shots. But when you can score 60 percent of the time in transition, 2nd in the NBA, and only allow teams to score 46 percent of the time when they're in transition, good for 8th in the NBA, you're going to win a lot of basketball games.

The point is, the Kings are here to stay. And if they continue to hold down a playoff spot in the Western Conference, they are certain to have an All-Star voted in by the coaches (they vote on who the All-Star Reserves should be, he's unlikely to be voted in by the fans at this early stage of his career). It's a great story. The Sacramento Kings haven't been to the Playoffs in 12 years. They haven't had a player in the NBA All-Star Game since Chris Webber in 03' (kidding Cousins was there, but I had you for a second!). As an aside check out what happened to Cousins at that most recent All Star appearance in the video below.

(Demarcus Cousins being told he was traded)

Paragraph one + Paragraph two= the best player on the Sacramento Kings going to the All Star game. And while you could make a strong case for Willie Cauley-Stein, currently 3rd in the NBA in plus minus behind Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, the Kings go as Fox goes. They say you don't run as fast when you're dribbling the ball but I'm not sure that's the case with Fox. This ability, combined with extraordinary vision and passing is what makes the Kings so potent offensively. Fox is a consistent jump shot away from being a superstar in the NBA. Think Russel Westbrook with a higher basketball IQ. You wonder when you watch Westbrook play you wonder if putting up big numbers is more important to him than winning. You have no doubt when you watch Fox, all he does is try to win.

Can't wait to see De'Aaron Fox at this years All-Star game.

*Stats accurate as of 11/4/18

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