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O.T.T.T:The Los Angeles Lakers Are Going to the Western Conference Finals.

That's right, I said it. You know the Golden State Warriors will be there.The Denver Nuggets aren't ready. The Portland Trail Blazers showed last year they're not good enough and their roster is pretty much the same this year. That leaves the Utah Jazz, the Houston Rockets, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Los Angeles Lakers. And, I'm sorry, which one of those teams has LeBron James? When you apply for a job if someone else applies for the same job and they have more experience they're more likely to get the job than you are. That makes LeBron James the de facto GM of the Los Angeles Lakers. So do you really think the Lakers roster will be as currently constructed after this year's trade deadline? Rajon Rondo spit in LeBron James' godfather's face a couple weeks ago. LeBron went from "brothers help each other out" to

The Lakers would be smart to keep Rondo and Javale McGee. Rajon Rajon may not have complete control over the saliva in his mouth, but he does take his game to another level come playoff time. Hence the nickname "Playoff Rondo". These past two seasons really standout because his teams greatly outplayed expectations, but Rondo has always stepped it up come playoff time scoring 4 more points per game, 1 more assist, and 3 extra rebounds a game compared to his regular season averages. And while 2-time Shaqtin a Fool MVP Javale McGee can be a liability, he's also an elite rim protector, something the Lakers desperately need.

Kyle Kuzma should be untouchable. That leaves Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Josh Hart. Of these three, they should do their best to keep Ingram, Hart and trade Ball. Why? For starters, he has the highest trade value of the 3. Lonzo Ball is one of the only pass first point guards in the NBA, it just so happens he's not the only one on his team. He's a good defender, good rebounder, with an inconsistent jump shot and extraordinary passing ability. Sounds a lot like Rondo. That guy who wears #23 for the Lakers he's a pretty good passer too. Someone has to shoot the ball. Pun intended. Lonzo Ball is the perfect player for the Lakers trade because he has the potential to get the highest return, without depriving the team of anything they don't already have.

The Lakers will be in the 2019 Western Conference Finals.

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