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  • Matt Nguyen

Will Barton Has Surgery; To Be Re-Evaluated in 5-6 Weeks

The Denver Post

Will Barton left the game on Saturday after driving to the basket. He was carted off the court after he felt something pop as he planted attempting a lay-up. Barton underwent an MRI on Sunday and was then diagnosed with a right adductor and core muscle strain.

In a statement made by the Denver Nuggets, Barton had successful surgery Tuesday morning to repair the injury. Surgery was performed by Dr. William Meyers of the Vincera Institute in Philadelphia, PA.

The adductors are a group of muscle that make up the groin. Though the exact muscle that was damaged was not specified, the adductor longus, brevis, and magnus are the most commonly injured of the group. These muscles are vital for side to side movement, as well as jumping.

As Barton planted his right leg to jump, the stress applied to the muscle group was too much, causing the tear. At best case scenario, the tear would have happened in the musculotendinous junction where the muscle and tendon join. Surgery could have been avoided and he would have been able to rehab the injury.

His injury must have happened where the tendon joins the pubic bone, resulting in what possibly could have been an avulsion injury. Surgery is usually warranted and recovery is longer. In the 2013-14 season, Kendrick Perkins had surgery for a left groin injury. He only missed a total of 17 games (37 days). Though Barton’s game is predicated on more athleticism than Perkins’ ever was, this is an optimistic look at how soon Barton can return.

With Barton shelved, it opens up more playing time for Torrey Craig, Trey Lyles, and Juan Hernangomez. The Nuggets are a talented team and will hope to stay in the mix in the wild, wild West.

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