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  • Matt Nguyen

Lauri Markkanen to Miss 6-8 Weeks Following Elbow Injury

Sporting News

Per the Chicago Bulls, Lauri Markkanen injured his elbow and will certainly miss the start of the 2018-19 season. The MRI has revealed a high-grade lateral elbow sprain of his right arm.

Markkanen stated that the injury occurred during practice on Thursday as players were fighting for a rebound. His elbow was sore afterwards but continued to worsen overnight.

A lateral elbow sprain is a vague term, as there are multiple structures and soft tissues that can be damaged. Common presentation for such an injury includes loss of elbow or shoulder range of motion, pain, and swelling. In some cases, surgery could be an option. It’s since been reported that Markkanen’s injury will not require surgery.

The first goal in rehab for Markkanen will be to reduce any pain and swelling. After accomplishing that, the goal is to regain strength, range of motion, and stability in the elbow.

The average time missed in the NBA for a sprained elbow is roughly 6-7 weeks, putting Markkanen’s season debut roughly in mid to late November. In the meantime, the Bulls will be depending on their young core to stay afloat.

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