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NBA 2K19: Thoughts and Reactions 2 Days Later

Source: IGN

NBA 2K19 was released on September 11 (for those not willing to spend the extra dosh to get it early) and I’ve spent the best part of 48 hours playing it.

The buildup to the release was almost as big as the game itself. The obsession is only just beginning for many 2K fans and for those who know a ‘2K-head’ say bye to them for at least the next month or so before the real stuff begins. Taking that all into account, let’s take a look at some reactions to the game just a few days following its release.

Creating Space & Separation Isn’t Easy

Whether it’s more realistic or not, it’s a lot harder to score in the game. The difficulty you set the game at may affect that too but in general it’s more tricky to blow by defenders and get to the rack. Stick at it though because it does get a little easier with practice and also as your MyPlayer progresses.

The Shot-Meter

The shot-meter isn’t the most crucial part of the game though it’s still an ever-present element. Having played for a few days now I prefer it to the 2K18 shot bar despite the fact there’s not really a discernible difference. The little things are what matters, especially to dedicated gamers.

Defending Is Tougher

Other than missing open shots the most frustrating thing about 2K is when you give up dinky fouls on your opponent. Rage fits will be aplenty early on until you become accustomed to the new style in 2K19.

The Graphics Aren’t Markedly Different

Source: YouTube

The immediate reaction to any new iteration of a video game series is how do the graphics compare to previous games. There are improvements as you’d expect but I don’t see a huge upgrade. The graphics aren’t the number one thing to making a great game, it’s all about the gameplay which 2K still does super well. It’ll be interesting to compare 2K to the upcoming NBA Live game.

The MyCareer Opening Is Like a Movie Trailer

The theatricality is quite awesome and allows you to immerse yourself in the experience even further. Some will question whether it’s all flash and no substance, which is justified. I personally enjoy it but think it could be toned down a little as it’s a little excessive.

How Much Are They Paying Anthony Mackie?

Source: Poltrona Nerd

In between being apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Falcon, Mackie has joined the behemoth that is 2K. Michael Rapaport and Haley Joel Osment also star in the MyCareer gameplay. There’s no doubt the trio would’ve commanded somewhere in the realm of high 5-figures or even six - not bad for a couple of voice overs.

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