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2018-2019 Off the Glass Team Preview Series: Dallas Mavericks


The 2018-2019 NBA season starts October 16th and to get you ready for tip-off, Off the Glass is previewing all 30 teams. Today we look at the Dallas Mavericks.

2017-2018 Record:

24 – 58, 4th in the Southwest Division.

Season Recap:

After missing out on big-name free agents and failing to surround Dirk Nowitzki with the appropriate pieces to compete for a championship during his last tenure as a star, the Mavs were headed to the rebuild route, sort of. As the team took a youth-first approach, it inevitably cost them wins; there was not much else head coach Rick Carlisle could do with a team filled with young, promising players and some experienced veterans.

Key Losses:

Doug McDermott, F

Key Additions:

DeAndre Jordan, C; Luka Doncic. G/F

Player to Watch:

Harrison Barnes, F


Even though the Western Conference is absolutely stacked, the Mavs have a case for a late-season playoff push. The first 30 games will be key, as the win-loss column will reveal how all their young players fit together.

After the Jordan spurned the Mavs in high free agency drama three years ago, he will return to his native Texas and play for the team – at least for this season. The Mavericks have not had any menacing interior presence since letting Tyson Chandler walk after their 2011 championship so Jordan will certainly help out in that area.

It’s not really about the playoffs this season, but rather getting all the young guys to know each other and maximizing their strengths together as they learn from some truly experienced veterans in Nowitzki, Jordan, Devin Harris and J.J. Barea.

Worst Case Scenario:

The Mavs fail to properly mesh their revamped group and miss the playoffs, which would not even be that bad thanks to the improved draft odds the not-so-bad teams get starting next year.

Best Case Scenario:

The Mavs get on a roll and earn the 7th or 8th seed in an ultra-competitive Western Conference.

2018-2019 Prediction:

42 – 42, 4th in the Southwest Division.

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