• Jac Manuell

Shams Leaves Yahoo

New York Post

The most anticipated move of the NBA offseason didn’t see a player change teams. It was NBA Insider for Yahoo Sports, Shams Charania deciding to join The Athletic and Stadium.

Shams went into more detail about his decision, via Bleacher Report:

"I am excited to announce I am joining The Athletic and Stadium as the lead Senior NBA Insider/Writer and Analyst later this month. I am so grateful and honored to have spent the past three years at Yahoo. I'm appreciative to have been part of The Vertical and the tremendous staff, top to bottom. Thank you to all of the Yahoo Sports executives, editors Johnny Ludden and Joe Garza and the rest of the group. Now, I am so pumped and thrilled for this next journey and challenge. I'm excited to join the talented people at both The Athletic and Stadium, two places with tremendous enthusiasm, opportunity for growth and determination to cover the league. Both are hungry and ready. So am I."

It’s been a tough few years for Yahoo Sports losing two of the game’s best newsbreakers.

Unfortunately we couldn’t nab his services for OTG but with a plethora of ridiculously talented up-and-coming writers, we should be just fine going forward.

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