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  • Dominic Roney

Hot Take Marathon: Grayson Allen will Significantly Contribute to the Utah Jazz

Sports Illustrated

*The NBA offseason is cooling down, but the takes at OTG aren't. This month, we are hitting you with the Hot Take Marathon. Check back every day for a spicy NBA take!*

Grayson Allen has the tools to propel the Utah Jazz even higher in the Western Conference standings. Coming off the bench behind Ricky Rubio and Donovan Mitchell, Allen will add depth to Utah's stable of electrifying guards. He provides a Marcus Smart-type energy to the Jazz with his willingness to sacrifice his body to make winning plays.

Grayson Allen's controversial play in college has defined his career so far. NBA fans have written him off as a dirty player and seemingly left it at that. A lot of people (outside of Duke fans) haven’t paid enough attention to see how great of an athlete Allen truly is. His defense and three-point shooting improved tremendously over his last two seasons at Duke. He can attack the rim, drive the ball, and finish well. These are good qualities to add to Utah’s depth: another shooter, finisher, and high energy defender to contribute to a close game. Along with Jae Crowder, the second unit can embrace a strong “Three and D” mindset.

I believe Grayson Allen will develop into the role of backup point guard for the Jazz. Not only has he improved his finishing at the rim, but he also expanded his skills as a playmaker in the Summer League, averaging 7 assists. Of course, it is only the Summer League, but assists are assists, and they represent his improved court vision. He can come off the bench, make some passes, shoot some threes, and play some defense, and hopefully, not trip or hip check anyone.

All in all, Grayson Allen is a huge plus for the Jazz. He is a high energy, high effort player who's always willing to contribute and play hard. The kid wears his heart on his sleeve, and his passion for the game is undeniable. He has a unique skill set that meshes well with this team’s best players, and I think his effort can bring Utah to a 4 or even 3 seed. Yes, even in the stacked Western Conference.


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