• Jac Manuell

Dream Signing: Golden State Warriors

Photo Courtesy of Mercury News

There were a lot of improvements last season on the Brooklyn Nets roster. At the head of that list is swingman Joe Harris. If there were an award for Most Consistent Player you’d be hard pressed to find someone better than Harris.

He’s the perfect role player who can come off the bench or pinch hit as a starter and give you everything you need on both sides of the floor. He finished 6th last year in eFG% and had one of the best driving field goal percentages in the league, even better than LeBron James. His three-point shooting post-All Star break was the best in the league also (47.1%) While he may not be a lockdown defender, Harris’ underrated size and strength make him capable enough that he isn’t a liability on the defensive end.

The shooting guard may not be the splashiest player on the free agency market but his production and skill set make a coveted target for many teams. The fact he won’t command big dollars as well will be attractive to many of the teams experiencing tightness in their salary cap.

Harris has expressed a desire to stay in Brooklyn long-term thanks to a budding relationship with his teammates, the coaching and front office staff. GM Sean Marks reiterated that to the media back in April:

“I think Joe made it pretty clear from statements he made that he’d love to be back here. That’s how the organization feels about him, too.

On the most recent episode of the Brooklyn Buzz, Nick Fay and I talked about the likely interest he will garner from rival teams:

While Harris won’t break the bank for many teams, all it takes is one team with some sort of space or an incompetent front office to throw a big deal at him. His production on the floor this season showed that the shooting guard has a long time left in this league. With players like Kyle Korver and J.J. Redick still producing at a high rate well into their 30s, it proves that a guy like Harris is well worth the investment.

Priority number one for the Warriors is re-signing KD this offseason but they also need to fill out their bench and continue to retool to ensure they keep competing for championships. Harris’ name has already been mentioned by long-time Golden State beat writer, Tim Kawakami.

He’d be an upgrade over Nick Young as a bench piece who can shoot from the perimeter and play far more engaged defense. Slot him into lineups surrounded by some of the best shooters of all time and you only increase the firepower of an already historically great team.

While he’d be a dream signing for Golden State, it’d be my worst nightmare if my dude Joe Harris were to leave my beloved Brooklyn. Hopefully Marks’ comments ring true and he’s in a Nets uniform for many years to come.

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