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Dream Signing: Philadelphia 76ers

Photo Courtesy: Clip Nation

The OTG team will be hitting you with “Dream Signings” all week long!

Boy, it was a rough year for Avery Bradley. Last offseason, Bradley was traded from the Boston Celtics to the Detroit Pistons in a move many liked for the Pistons. Despite a hot start, it did not work out for Bradley in Detroit. Injuries and poor play caused the Pistons to send Bradley to the L.A Clippers in the Blake Griffin deal. Things didn’t go much better in L.A. as Bradley only played in six games before being shut down for the season. It was Bradley’s worst season since he was a rookie.

The good news is he is still only 27 and has value on the right team. Bradley is at his best as a spot up player who can hit threes. He shot 38% from three in Detroit last year and he is also a dangerous cutter. On defense, Bradley has always been a little overrated because he posts poor steal and block rates and is not the best team defender. However, he is an excellent on-ball defender. A team with great length that has a secondary elite perimeter defender who can play the passing lanes would be ideal for Bradley.

That team is the Philadelphia 76ers. Bradley could spot up off Joel Embiid post-ups and Ben Simmons drives and on defense, he could hound opposing guards while Robert Covington plays the passing lanes and takes the bigger matchups. Philadelphia is going big game hunting this offseason, but they need role players to complement their current and potential stars.

Bradley is the perfect fit because he can play off the ball and the Sixers can get him cheap. He only made $8 million last year and the Sixers could sign him for around that or probably less. It was a miserable year for Bradley as he was last in RPM amongst all shooting guards. Joining a winning team on a short-term and cheap deal would be a good way to get his reputation back up. His best days may be behind him, but if healthy he can still help teams win. He is worth a flyer for the Sixers.

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