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Dream Signing: Brooklyn Nets

Photo Courtesy:USA Today

The OTG team will be hitting you with “Dream Signings” all week long!

Brook Lopez has become a forgotten man after a so-so year with the Lakers. He was once one of the best inside scorers in the game, but injuries and age have made him adjust his game. Now, Lopez has legitimate three-point range and is still a solid rim protector. He is not the player he once was, but he can still play. Last year he averaged 13 points and four rebounds a game in limited minutes.

Lopez is now 30 years old and his best role going forward is a backup center who can start in a pinch if need be. You can still run the offense through him with a second unit. According to Synergy Sports, he ranked in the 72nd percentile in post-ups, even though he doesn’t finish around the rim like he used to. The good thing is he is versatile and can spot up, last year he hit 34% of his threes. While that is not great, it is good enough for a big man. Lopez posted positive RPM’s on both ends of the court, so he is not a weak link on either end.

The Lakers may try to re-sign him for frontcourt depth, but they are going big game hunting this summer and he may be forced to walk. In a summer where a lot of teams are pressed for money, Lopez will come cheap, so a lot of teams will be interested. How about a reunion in Brooklyn? He may want to sign with a contender, but a reunion with the Nets makes a lot of sense. He could back up Jarrett Allen; the Nets need a backup center since they are likely to buy-out Dwight Howard. Lopez knows Kenny Atkinson’s offense, and Atkinson knows how to get the most out of Lopez. In Brooklyn, he is guaranteed 20-25 minutes a game in a system he is comfortable with. Plus, he could really help them.

Once Brooklyn buys out Howard and likely trades Demarre Carroll and/or Jeremy Lin, they can open up some room to sign Lopez to a deal worth about $5 to $7 million per year for 1-3 years. They can likely offer that without too much roster change. Brooklyn desperately needs another big, and this makes too much sense. Also, keep an eye out for Derrick Favors to the Nets.

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