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  • Olivier Auguste

All The Love, For Now - Right Draymond?

Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Draymond Green is a big personality, on and off the court. You can watch a more detailed snippet of his celebration during the Warriors Championship Parade. The moment is blissful, and equally fleeting. For now he can revel in the glory, with his son and joyful Dubs fans.

He's earned his keep, and has taken a discount before to help strengthen the team. The haircut in salary awarded the Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant. He left $12 million on the table when he re-signed in 2015. Draymond has officially declared it's his turn, no discounts next time around.

Of his superstar counterparts in Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and even Klay Thompson - each have fat endorsements from their respective sneaker deals. For the Swiss Army knife that is Green, containing a versatile skillset that only he can provide, he seems to be the odd man out.

NBA years are finite and athletes are more financially savvy than years past. His legacy is also cemented, when you really give it some thought. A homegrown talent, built through the draft, Draymond is a foundational piece to this dynasty run. The Bay Area and most fans around the league fully embrace his villainous mantra. They love him for it.

If the Warriors were to three-peat next year - first to do so since the Shaq & Kobe Lakers - Draymond could walk for the money at that point. He would likely find himself on another championship contender, with enough youth to add more rings to his collection.

It will take some serious configurations to keep this team together. Especially since the Warriors are relentless in pursuit of exceptional talent. They seek complimentary pieces to keep the party going for as long as possible.

They've been open with their desire in acquiring Pelicans superstar, Anthony Davis. Although signed through the summer of 2021 with no opt-outs, the Warriors have still put together trade-scenarios.

Chris Haynes of ESPN already reported Green is not interested in a home team discount. Instead, he is fully invested in a super-max. Whispers around the league express Green's desire to turn down the contract extension offer when it is presented.

Already locking in a Defensive Player of the Year award, he's a suitable candidate likely for the next few years to come. If he were to earn MVP, DPOY, or All-NBA honors, he would be eligible for a super-max contract worth $226 million.

This pursuit of happiness has big $Ms attached, enjoy the moment while you can.

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