• Kyle Zwiazek

This Week in the NBA 2K League: Week 4

The NBA 2K League is in its fourth week and things are really picking up. Even though each team has only played a handful of games, there have been some fun moments. Here are some fun plays and storylines from this past week.


Only one team is rocking the undefeated record as they go into week five. That team is Blazer5 Gaming. They are the only undefeated team left in the NBA 2K League. Not only are they undefeated in NBA 2K, but they challenged Pacers Gaming in some arcade video games. Check out the video here:

Finding the Characters

One of the more surprising and interesting players in the NBA 2K League has been Ryan Conger also known as Dayfri. He plays for Mavs gaming and is not only a great player, but one of the more entertaining players to watch. Dayfri is fifth in the league in rebounds and is averaging 21.3 points a game. He is the kind of big man that most teams would love to build around. As a second round pick, Mavs gaming grabbed a top talent that has a lot of energy. Just check him out after he blocks oFab, one of the top players in the game:

Real Gameplay

If you are concerned about how real the game play is, there is no need to be. The NBA 2K league gives some of the best shake and bake moves you will see on a basketball court. That includes real and virtual basketball courts. These guys work hard and it shows when they are playing the game. Just check out this video of some of the best moves in the NBA 2K League:

Power Rankings

Maybe you are already hooked on the NBA 2K League. If that is the case, definitely check out this power ranking by Slayisland. He brings up some great points and gives reasons why teams are ranked where they are. It also gives fans a chance to get a glimpse of each of the teams going into the Turn Tournament. Check out the Video here:

What’s Next?

A third of the season is already complete. This is crazy to think about, but it is true. The Turn Tournament is coming up and teams will get a chance to win some money in this tournament. This means that the regular season will be on hold for a week. If you want to check out some 2K League action, all you have to do is watch on their Twitch channel. The games will be back in action on June 8, 2018.

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