• Jac Manuell

The JMan's Articles of the Week (5.29.18)

This week's articles of the week feature pieces by:

Kyle Carr

Yet another case of police brutality, this time against Bucks' player, Sterling Brown, spurs an important piece on the inherent racial inequality happening in Milwaukee and across the country.

Brian Windhorst

Brian Windhorst highlights a tough few months for Kyle Korver and his family in light of the death of his youngest brother, Kirk.

Howard Beck

Beck highlights the rocky yet ultimately fruitful relationship between Coach Kerr and fiery forward, Draymond Green.

Kevin Pelton & Kevin Arnovitz

A breakdown of how the on-court product in the NBA has evolved over the last few decades.

Paul Flannery

A comprehensive piece on what makes Brad Stevens and the Celtics so special.

Jacob Hirsohn

Jacob goes in-depth on the clashing philosophies of the two Western Conference Final coaches.


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