• Ryan Wheeler

Takeaways from Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals

Was there ever any doubt that LeBron James, and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers, would win Game 6 at home? Every game in this Eastern Conference Finals has been won by the home team so far. For real though, the power and ability of LeBron is simply too much for this young Celtics team to overcome while on the road. There was just no way he was losing this elimination game at home.

LeBron was amazing, as expected. He hung 46 points on the Celtics cavalcade of defenders in 46 minutes. He was one assist away from a triple double and did everything to help his team win, even on defense with 3 steals and a trademark swat from behind.

Boston was fine. They lost to LeBron in an away game. This was expected. Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown were awesome. Tatum played well enough. Marcus Smart is still a nightmare on defense. The only player whose game was subpar was Al Horford and he will be better back in the Garden.

What happened to Kevin Love looked scary. When he went down, he really looked like he was not getting up again. He knew something was truly wrong and it was horrible to watch. Sports are amazing but all too human as well, we are astounded by the incredible athletic feats but also made humble when seeing another in a pain we find recognizable. Love has had a rough year and I hope he is better than fine.

Cleveland’s shooters were terrible. LeBron made 5 three pointers and everyone else made 4. Larry Nance, Jr., the other Cleveland hometown kid, was sort of amazing. Ten points on 5-5 shooting and 7 rebounds. We’ll see if Tyronn Lue remembers to play him in Game 7.

Game 7 is going to be incredible. LeBron James against the Celtics...in Boston. Love LeBron or not but he must be appreciated. We must keep reminding ourselves that we are witnessing an absolute all-time great player operating at the apex of his powers. And we get the pleasure to keep watching.

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