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  • Jac Manuell

All The Questions Surrounding The All-NBA Teams

The All-NBA Defensive Teams were announced just a few days ago, now we have the big one: the All-NBA Teams. Who was snubbed? Who was lucky? Who’s gonna get paid? Who’s not? Let’s take a look at all the questions surrounding the announcement of the fifteen players who were lucky enough to make one of the three teams. For record here’s the teams with all the corresponding votes:

Courtesy: Twitter, KCJHoop

Should Giannis Have Made The First Team Over KD?

The Greek Freak had a better season than Kevin Durant. Yes, Durant is a better play right now but All-NBA Teams are based off your form in the season, not reputation. Here’s the proof to back it up:

If you’re Stephen Jackson and a lot of other talking heads you probably don’t agree with my sentiment:

God bless, Zach Lowe. The NBA world needs more balanced, informed takes from him rather than the aforementioned talking heads.

Is The Fourth Team Better Than The Third Team?

This is a really good team guys:

Some of these guys should have made one of the three teams anyway. I’d back in Chris and Klay over Vic and Steph, and that front court of Gobert and Horford would eat up Towns. We’re splitting hairs as all those players are more than deserving though some should count themselves lucky...

Who Got Lucky?

Paul George had a very solid season though in my eyes he was more deserving of an All-Defensive Team spot than All-NBA. Karl-Anthony Towns had a great yet underwhelming season. With so much quality on the outside looking in it shows how stacked the league is right now in terms of elite talent.

Who Got Snubbed?

The best Eastern Conference team didn’t have a player named. Irving missed a heap of games late but so did Curry if you’re pushing that argument. The Horford hype train has halted and the NBA world is back to underrating him. He certainly should’ve landed a spot on the Third Team over KAT.

The Point God, Chris Paul, also missed some games and at the most stacked position in the league it’s even harder to squeeze him in. You could make the case for him as one person did:

Now let’s head to the player reactions:

Bradley Beal didn’t get a vote, not one. The Wizards lacklustre regular season is a distant memory but Beal was a huge part in keeping them competitive when John Wall was struck down with injury.

CJ McCollum was the second best player on the third best Western Conference team in the regular season. Like Beal, McCollum had a solid season, especially when you take into consideration the players who did get votes.

And of course, there was the obligatory Brad Stevens trolls:

Wait, Who Got Votes?

Trevor Ariza and Dwight Howard each received a vote from the NBA media. I don’t know who voted for each of them but the person/s who did should immediately have their accreditations revoked.

Who Lost and Made Money?

Joel Embiid lost money:

Anthony Davis could make a lotttttttt of money:

Klay missed out:

And Towns could earn himself a nice pay packet:

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