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The NBA Outlet: Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 Recap

The NBA Outlet: Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 Recap

OTG’s Nick Fay and Jac Manuell recap Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

ECF Game 3: Celtics vs.Cavs

- The Cavs dominate Game 3

- No juice for the Celtics

- Hill’s impact

- The Cavs’ role players helped LeBron set the tone

- Energy and effort was different tonight

- 3pt shooting and energy are correlated?

- Best LeBron pass?

- King type performance

- Different Boston team

- Did bad games from Horford and Brown influence the rest of the team

- When was the game done?

- Boston’s worst game of the postseason?

- Confidence for the rest of series?

- Rodney Hood not playing

- Who hurt their money more, Noel or Hood?

- LeBron towel throw or Chubaka

- Team morale for both squads

- Best Cav other than LeBron?

- Which Cav needs to step up?

- Any Celtics stick out?

- Worst Celtic tonight?

- Adjustments for Game 3

- Game 3 predictions


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