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The JMan's Articles of the Week

This week's articles of the week feature pieces by:

Howard Beck

From anti-iso to iso-obsessed, Howard Beck details what changed Mike D'Antoni's coaching philosophy.

Chris Herring

Switch isn't just an average 2008 film starring Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale, it's also the key strategy the league's top two teams have relied upon heavily for their defensive success.

Chris Herring

A detailed piece on how the NBA evolved to a point where former defensive stud, Roy Hibbert, can no longer be a factor.

Dave McMenamin

Why is Jose Calderon still playing in the NBA?

Bruce Arthur

Did KD ruin the excitement and competitive balance of the league by joining the Warriors, Bruce Arthur gives his take.

Dylan Jackson

Dylan has been killing it with the draft coverage and does so again with his Top 5 Guard prospects.


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