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  • Kyle Zwiazek

The Five Worst NBA 2K League Logos

There are some great and terrible logos in the NBA 2K League. Even though the league is connected to NBA franchises, each individual team has their own take on a logo. Here are the five worst logos based on originality, creativity, and frankly — how much sense they make.

5. Jazz Gaming

The Utah Jazz are still one of the weirdest franchises in all of sports. New Orleans should be the Jazz and Utah should be the Salt Lakes or something like that. Even though the name does not make sense that is not the gaming department’s fault. The issue at hand is that if someone looked at this logo without the name underneath it they would not understand it. Essentially, it is a backwards “J” that is three-dimensional. The Jazz have so many cool options to choose from. They could use any kind of music note or it would be great to see them use a treble clef as part of the symbol. It was a huge mistake not bringing a musical aspect into this logo.

4. Wizards District Gaming

If you are sensing a theme, when teams do not have a mascot in their logo it is frustrating. The Wizards really do not have the best logo in the NBA anyway. They do not want to be too childish with the name and mascot so they decided to bring back the Bullets’ color scheme to spice things up. The problem is the team could really do something cool with the Wizards logo. Their gaming logo is literally just a “W” with some stars. The stars spice it up a little, but emphasize little. It is just boring. When people think of esports they should be thinking about something innovative, not just a W.

3. Blazer5 Gaming

Blazers5 Gaming would have been in a great situation if the league kept the draft to only five players a team. The problem is they replaced the “s” in Blazers with a 5 and cannot take it back. The Trail Blazers do not have a great logo to start with. All this logo did was make it three-dimensional. It just seems a tad boring. They should have added some kind of fire to the logo and gave it a nice revamp. It makes sense to stick to what people know, but boring is boring even in 3-D.

2. Magic Gaming

The Magic were in a difficult situation with their logo because it is hard to create an image of Magic. They also probably wanted to change it up from the Orlando Magic Logo too. This logo isn’t terrible; it is ranked 16 because it is boring. They are trying to go with a black magic kind of idea with a basketball. They could have jazzed it up a little big by adding cards to the logo or something that exemplifies magic. Just a black ball with a bit of a crescent moon is a little meh.

1. Raptors Uprising GC

The reason why this logo ranks last is because it is the most boring thing out there. The Toronto Raptors have one of the coolest mascots out there and could have easily capitalized on it. This logo just looks like an arrow pointing up. That could make sense for the name, but still they should have had more of a raptor involved. When looking at it further, it could be an interpretation of a raptor foot, but still it is not a great logo. The arrow pointing up could also be connected with the name of Raptors Uprising GC. Given the team’s branding history (from Jurassic Park style dinosaurs to the Husky alternates and even their OVO collaborations), they just could have done better.


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