• Dylan Jackson

2018 NBA Draft: Top 5 Guards

This NBA draft is absolutely loaded with bigs and forwards, but it seems as if nobody is talking about the guards. With the way that the league is shifting, this trend has become more and more unusual. Anyways, here are the top five point guards in the 2018 NBA Draft.

1. Luka Doncic, Real Madrid

Luka Doncic is the best player in this draft. He has star potential and can play anywhere from one to three. An underrated rebounder, Doncic has the physical frame to box out on defense and get into the lane on offense. The best part of Doncic's game is his elite passing ability. In the Euroleague, Doncic averaged nearly five assists per game with almost seven assists per 36 minutes. This feat is even more incredible when you consider the talent level, pace, and strictness when it comes to tallying assists in the Euroleague. Doncic is easily the best passer in this draft class.

2. Mikal Bridges, Villanova

Mikal Bridges projects as a bare-minimum three-and-D player in the NBA. His ceiling could be as high as Klay Thompson, depending on where he lands in the draft. He can switch onto threes and fours. While Bridges does not necessarily have a full NBA frame as of yet, there is still some room to grow. Bridges is an elite 3-point shooter and could be an all-star level guard.

3. Zhaire Smith, Texas Tech

Zhaire Smith has shown flashes of being a future NBA all-star. There is so much to like about his game, from his athleticism to his defense and intensity. Zhaire Smith could be a steal for anyone that picks him in the late lottery or even in the early 20s. Possible fits for Smith include the Hornets, Nuggets, Spurs, or even the Atlanta Hawks if Smith falls that far. Smith's ceiling is about as high as anyone's in this year's class, including the top prospects.

4. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Kentucky

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was the leader of a young Kentucky team this past season. Especially later in the season, SGA really started to show flashes of what he could be in the NBA. In his final eight games for the Kentucky Wildcats, SGA averaged 20 points, five rebounds, seven assists, while maintaining a very solid shooting clip of 51% from the field and 44% from three.

5. Trae Young, Oklahoma

Trae Young was straight-up explosive for the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2017-18 season. He was easily the most talked-about prospect over the course of the season. The hype all started when Young recorded a 22-assist game early on in the year. From there, the top-10 draft buzz only grew. From half-court 3-point shots to crazy no-look assists, Young lit up the college basketball season. Many analysts have compared him to Steph Curry while others have compared him to Jimmer Fredette. Either way, he has been one of the most polarizing prospects in recent memory.

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