• Kyle Zwiazek

The Top 5 NBA 2K League Logos

The virtual balls have hit the virtual hardwood and the NBA 2K League logos are front, center, and ready to be counted down. These logos are the best of the best and some of them may be in the top five logos in all of sports. The NBA 2K League gives the NBA a way to rebrand some of their most historic franchises and some teams have succeeded in doing so while others have not. Here is our list of the top five logos in the NBA 2K League.

5. Bucks Gaming

The Milwaukee Bucks came to play with their Bucks Gaming logo. This logo is everything the Bucks should have in a logo. In fact, they should look at using this design for their NBA team too. The mascot in the middle is a great image of a buck, using green as the base color for the franchise. Bucks in general are fairly boring animals, but the mascot here shows strength going forward. The horns have a bit of a different look to them than fans are used to, but it makes the logo look more interesting. Also, the use of strictly green instead of a two-tone animal makes it stand out even more.

4. Grizz Gaming

The more you look at the Grizz Gaming logo, the more elements you find. At first glance it looks like a paw print from a grizzly bear — which is exactly what the logo should look like for a team that uses a grizzly bear as a mascot. Then you look a little more in-depth and notice the two G’s that are facing each other for Grizz Gaming. They turned letters into part of the logo and that is such a great way to bring the paw print into light with some more flair. Overall, it is a solid logo. The biggest issue is that the colors seem a little too soft. There is not much they could do about that though because that color scheme belongs to their namesake NBA franchise Memphis Grizzlies.

3. Heatcheck Gaming

The top four logos were tough to rank because they are so great. Heatcheck Gaming gets extra props for finding a way to continue to use flames in different ways. This logo is sleek and fans would be happy to wear it around with pride. Like Grizz Gaming, Heatcheck incorporated a letter in their logo. They have an H in the flame to accent the center of the flame. That is a great touch that most people would not pick up on. The name is little silly, but overall this is a great logo. Sometimes less is more. Heatcheck Gaming succeeded in what Mavs Gaming was trying to do.

2. 76ers GC

76ers GC could easily be number one. This is a completely flawless logo. Philadelphia is an American historian’s dream and the 76ers embody that with this logo. First, the name itself is history related, due to 1776 being the year the United States declared for independence. Then, the logo takes the liberty bell and puts it right smack in the middle. That is not even the coolest part of this logo though — the creator took the seven and six and made their separation the crack in the liberty bell. This detail is uncanny. As are the stars surrounding the bell being consistent with the stars in the 76ers actual logo. This logo is amazing and deserves to be admired.

1. Celtics Crossover Gaming

One of the greatest mascots in all of sports is “Lucky,” the Boston Celtics leprechaun. Celtics Crossover Gaming did not disappoint with their usage of the great mascot. He is front and center with the patented pipe in his mouth. This is not your normal Lucky leading the charge for Celtics Crossover Gaming though. The new Lucky has a younger, more modern feel to him, even with his hat having the patented shamrock and him still rocking the bowtie. Overall, this logo is a great way to bring the new age version of NBA 2K basketball to the history of the Boston Celtics.

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