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JBT: Episode 2.29 - Monolithic

This week on JBT:

Dwayne Casey was fired by the Raps, we debate whether the decision was right or wrong. We also wrap up all the other coaching news around the association.

With the rest of Buissink/Manuell we we delve into the following:

-The Warriors/Rockets series will determine the legacy of James Harden.

-Will the Cavs/Celtics series determine LeBron’s free agency destination?

-Does Ben Simmons need to overhaul his jump shot?

-Is Kawhi heading to the Lakers?

All that and SO much more on this week’s episode of Just Ball Things!


#JacManuell #Raptors #Warriors #Rockets #Cavs #Celtics #Sixers #BenSimmons #KawhiLeonard #LeBronJames

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