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  • Olivier Auguste

Sneaker Culture in the Association - ICYMI

QUEENS, NY – Sneaker Culture in the Association emphasizes much more than basketball. It's covered NBA breakdown, signature style on the court, and the cultural impact of the game. The Association continues to evolve on and off the floor. It cultivates progressive change in the community and professional sports, while nourishing unique personality. We've seen its supernova stars stand for what they believe in. The series highlights the best sneakers on the court while showcasing noteworthy causes around the league.

OTG has got you covered. We've discussed J. Cole's humble beginnings and budding relationship with Dennis Smith Jr. Meek Mill's return home; his dedication to rehabilitation and criminal justice reform. We always rep the ladies making a difference in all movements. Vashtie is one of many women leading the way, recently directing the trailer for She Got Game.

Revisit dynamic NBA storylines and colorful player exclusives. The culture influences the game; fashion, music, art, and more. Take a closer look!

Sneaker Culture Talk

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