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The NBA Outlet Playoff Edition: Round 2, Where Dreams Are Crushed

OTG’s Nick Fay, Kory Waldron, and Jay Christian talk Warriors vs. Pelicans, Rockets vs. Jazz, Celtics vs. Sixers, and Raptors vs. Cavs. They even sprinkle in some offseason talk.


Were you surprised by the results of Game 3?

Can the Pelicans make this a series?

AD been the best player in West playoffs?

The DeMarcus Cousins situation


Can the Jazz really compete when the Rockets are playing well?

Game 2 was an outlier?

Eric Gordon coming to life

Harden and CP3?

Michell’s recent play



What to make of this series?

Is experience killing the Sixers?

Covington? Simmons?

Is the Stevens hype real?

Tatum is ballings


LeBronto - LeBranos - King James

Cavs supporting cast stepping up

Are the Raptors done if swept?

LeBron progress towards GOAT this postseason

LeBron/Cavs offseason

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