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The NBA Outlet Playoff Edition: Round 2 Has Begun

OTG’s Nick Fay and Kory Waldron touch on every 2nd round series: Sixers vs. Celtics, Cavs vs. Raptors, Pelicans vs. Warriors, and Jazz vs. Rockets.

Sixers vs Celtics

- Celtics win Game 1

- Was this a surprise?

- The 3-ball

- The Celtics attacked in transition

- Game 2 adjustments/predictions

Cavs vs. Raptors

- The Raptors blew it

- The Cavs’ supporting cast stepped up

- LeBron won’t be that bad again

- Jonas Valanciunas

- Who needs to more touches for the Raptors?

- The rest of the series

Pelicans vs. Warriors

- Steph Curry made his return in a win

- Huge night for the chef

- The refs need to give Pels more FTs

- Can the Pels still make this a series

Jazz vs. Rockets

- The Rockets took off in Game 1

- Did the Rockets expose the Jazz’s defense?

- Who needs to step-up for the Jazz?

- Who wins Game 2?

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