• Preston Ellis

Pelicans Hold the National Spotlight as they await GSW: The Bird Calls Podcast

The New Orleans Pelicans did the improbable, against all odds, when they swept the third seeded Portland Trailblazers in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs.

The Pelicans were picked to lose by all 22 ESPN panelists, and the group is set to go against them yet again heading into round two.

But the Pelicans have been no stranger to adversity all season long. From their Head Coach to General Manager to their washed up point guard to their overpaid scoring one, and their locker room malcontent superstar finally being paired with the unicorn who could never win anything, these Pelicans have been the subject to scrutiny and rumors all year long.

They played three games in three nights, five in six, lost more games to injury than any other franchise, including their second superstar, Demarcus Cousins, on what should have been one of the franchise's greatest victories in the Anthony Davis ere (115-113 v the then undefeated CP3/Harden/Capela triumverate).

And yet, here they are, and they hold a better chance against Golden State then you might think..

Join Preston Ellis of TheBirdWrites.com, and Daniel Sallerson of Pelicans.com as they break down the latest storylines and preview Golden State.

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