• Jac Manuell

The J Man's Articles of the Week

Hey lads/ladettes,

For those of you who don't know me I'm Jac, you've probably heard me on a few different podcasts but I also have a real passion for reading a plethora of NBA articles. Therefore, I've decided to come up with a weekly roundup of the five must-read pieces of the week, plus an added bonus of my favourite OTG article from the past seven days. Reading other people's work has helped me grow as a writer and with that I've become a more informed pundit. As they say, knowledge is power!

A fantastic Jordan Bell profile, by the incomparable, Howard Beck.

A great piece on the enigma that is Brandon Jennings.

The secret behind Houston's defensive improvement.

I guess MJ's secret stuff really is a thing for some guys around the league.

The off court team building that's helped build the Sixers' success.

Move over Zach Lowe, this piece by Evan Dyal beautifully summed up what has led to a dominant series for the Pelicans and how the Blazers can get back into it. Furthermore, using GIFs as a means of analysis is GOAT level writing right there.


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