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Roundtable: Who is Sixth Man of the Year?

The spark plug, the first guy off the pine, one of the biggest contributors to any team's success. Yes, we're talking about the sixth man. Eric Gordon held this award last year, and Jamal Crawford has held it a couple times in the past five years. A past winner and runner-up last season may be a favorite this year, we weigh in.

Theo Salaun - @TheoSalaun

Eric Gordon, Sixth Man of the Year

It is not a fun or exciting pick, but Eric Gordon is probably going to win Sixth Man of the Year for his second year straight. The Houston Rockets are the #1 seed in a stacked Western Conference and EG is flat-out elite. Since 2014 his points-per-game have increased each year, culminating in a 6MOY award last season as he averaged 16.2 points per game on 41% shooting. So far this season, the dude is putting up 18.4 buckets a game on 42% shooting. Easy. Gordon plays 31.5 minutes a game Ione of the highest rates for a bench player) and plays for a stacked roster so he has an advantage over other candidates — but nevertheless dude deserves to be 6MOY frontrunner now that Lou Williams seems to be a starter.

Jac Manuell - @TheJmanJBT

Lou Williams, Sixth Man of the Year

When typing ‘Sixth’ into Google the second suggested search is, you guessed it, Lou Williams.

It makes sense then to pick Lou Williams as the winner of this year’s Sixth Man of the Year award, because, well, Google says so.

Lou Will has taken over the aging Jamal Crawford as being the league’s perennial scorer off the bench. He’s started a portion of games due to injuries to fellow Clipper starters, which almost landed him a spot in this year’s All-Star game.

He’s averaging career highs in points and assists (23.1 PPG, 5.4APG), all while leading his team to an improbable playoff run. Steve Ballmer and his front office were lucky to sign such a consistent, prolific scorer at a bargain rate before the deadline; it’ll be a big part in allowing them to remain competitive in a crowded LA market, going forward.

If Williams keeps his form up at this rate, he’ll have to get Drake do a part two to ‘6 Man’.

Jonathan Ebrahimi - @Awrashoo

Lou Williams, Sixth Man of the Year

There is no doubt in my mind that Lou Williams is once again the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year. Lou has been incredible this season, and has not only been the Clippers best player off the bench; he’s been their best player period. If Lou were to win the award this season and maintain his current scoring average, his 23.1 points per game would be highest scoring average by a 6th man of the year ever. Not only that, but Lou is also averaging a career high 5.4 assists per game, largely due to the Clippers point guard issues. Williams should have absolutely no problem locking up Sixth Man of the Year honors this year.

Dennis Dow - @DennisDownba

Lou Williams, Sixth Man of the Year

Lou Williams was included in the deal for Chris Paul and the Clippers have to feel good about their return. Williams has been spectacular this season and as a bench player was being mentioned as an All-Star snub. While it is looking more and more like the Clippers may miss out on the postseason, they have really overachieved when you think about all of the roster moves that they have made and the injuries they have dealt with. A large chunk of that credit should go to Lou Williams, who has had a hell of a season and is a real x-factor off the bench. When you know that you have someone on your bench that is going to get 23 points or more every night, it makes it easier to be a winning team. Williams has had 17 games this season with 30 or more points including a 50 point bomb on an unsuspecting Warriors team that led to a 19 point Clippers win. I don’t think there is anyone else in the league with his resume this season.

Michael Sanchez - @Imlaotino

Isaiah Thomas, Sixth Man of the Year..

Just kidding. He ain’t no sixth man. It’s got to be Lou Williams, right? This award always goes to a scorer, and no one has done that better than Williams. He didn’t make the All-Star team, but his second Sixth Man award will be a decent consolation prize. He’s leading the Clippers in points (23) AND assists (5.4) while coming off the bench. He’s single handedly kept the Clippers in contention for the playoffs when everyone expected them to tank after the Blake Griffin trade. It’s rare that a team’s best player comes off the bench, but Williams has fully embraced his role.

Dominic Roney - @DomRoney

Lou Williams, Sixth Man of the Year

Lou Williams is having a career year. He is averaging 23 points a game while shooting 43 percent from the field, and 36 percent from deep. Williams provides an energy like no other coming off the bench. He can give an amazing scoring effort with the second unit whether he adds to a Clippers lead or cuts down an opponent’s lead. He plays like a starter, scores like a starter, and is arguably the best player on the team, easily the best offensive option. This cannot be said of any other reserve player in the Association.

Evan Dyal - @EvanDyal

Lou Williams, Sixth Man of the Year

Uhh, Lou Williams and it's not close this season. Lou has long been a stellar sixth man, but this year he took his game to new heights and helped carry the Clippers through tumultuous times, personnel changes and injuries. Williams and DJ have been the constant for the Clips this year. He is averaging a career-high 23.1 points and 5.4 assists per game on 44 percent shooting from the field. Williams at times has carried the Clippers offense single handily and has delivered breathtaking performances like the fifty points he dropped at Golden State. He is useless defensively, but his elite scoring improved three-point shooting and passing easily make him the most dangerous sixth man in the league. One of the main reasons the Clippers are still in the playoff hunt is because of Williams. Give him the award.

Kory Waldron - @KwalHoops

Lou Williams, Sixth Man of the Year

There's one thing that Lou Williams does exceptionally well and that's get buckets. The Clippers traded away Blake Griffin, and have had guys in and out of the lineup all season. Yet, somehow in late March, they remain in contention for a playoff spot. How? Well the answer is simple, Lou Williams. He's averaging career highs, he's instant offense, and the guy has had a hot hand for just about the whole season. He was snubbed of an All-Star spot, but this award is something he won't lose out on. His performance against the Golden State Warriors should be the only highlight needed to show off the kind of season he's had.

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