JBT: Episode 2.20 - Absolutely Killer Jams

This week on JBT:

WE GOT AN EMAIL! Our lovely listener Fahad asks us if whether the OKC’s Steven Adams is the best offensive rebounder in the league, we debate whether that’s the case.

Do we want a new Finals series of Raps/Rockets? Or is Cavs/Warriors IV more enticing?

We delve into the health of Stephen Curry and how integral he is to the Warriors championship hopes.

Were the Timberwolves right to sign Derrick Rose? Will the Spurs make the playoffs? Should Stan Van ‘Jumanji’ be fired? We answer all those questions and more in the Buissink-Manuell scale.

As always, we’ve got JBTeam, Rookie Watch and one of our proudest Off Topics to date.






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