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The NBA Outlet EP. 110 - Petty NBA News, JR, Lakers, Raptors, GUESS WHO+ MORE

OTG’s Nick Fay, Kory Waldron, and Jac Manuell talk random funny news around the NBA, the improving Lakers, what to make of OKC, why the Raptors aren't getting more love, and GUESS THAT PLAYER.

Quick Hits (Random NBA News)

- James Harden destroying Wesley Johnson

- The Mavs got a tech friday night for having 4 players on the court

- Cavaliers' J.R. Smith was suspended one game for throwing soup at an assistant coach

- Dragon Bender logged 37 minutes and zero points

- Jeff Teague checking Ricky Rubio +Jimmy Butler tweets

- Gordon Hayward shooting+dribbling

- The refs hate Brooklyn

The Lakers Have Improved

- 16-7 over last 23

- Great number since Jan. 7

- Brandon Ingram + Julius Randle

What to Make of OKC?

- They were 6-6 in Feb.

- Big wins and bad wins

- Who needs to step up?

Toronto Needs Some Love

- Best record in the East

- Depth

- Rest

Bonus: Guess Who?


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