• Jonathan Ebrahimi

JR Smith's Greatest Hits

Honorable Mentions:

- Telling Celtics fans they are going to get swept

- #IAintGotNoWorries: JR refuses to back down from Kobe Bryant during twitter beef

- Playing air guitar beside an MSG half-time performer, almost causing her to laugh

- “You trying to get the pipe?”

- Ordering cotton candy from the Cavaliers bench

The Soup Attack

The NBA world was sent into a frenzy when it was released that Smith would be suspended for the Cavaliers home game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Turns out, Smith was suspended for throwing a bowl of soup at assistant coach Damon Jones. Although JR refuses to shed light on what led up to the now infamous incident, it will surely go down as one of the most ‘JR Smith’ moments, in JR Smith’s career.

Chinese MJ

During the 2010 NBA lockout, Smith and a handful of other NBA players took their talents to China. It was there that Smith earned the nickname “MJ of China”. Smith would put up ridiculous stat-lines on a regular basis including a 60-point show off the bench and a 52-point, 22-rebound, and 7-steal performance as well. Smith was able to earn this nickname despite missing more than 80 practices during his time in China. Perhaps the “Iverson of China” would have been a more fitting nickname.

“I Thought We Were Down Two”

The month is January. The location is the Toyota Center where the Houston Rockets were hosting the New York Knicks. With the score tied at 100 and 43 seconds left on the clock, the Knicks ran an inbound play to get Anthony a shot around the basket. The Rockets defense forced Anthony to pass to Beno Udrih in the corner, only for him to miss a corner three. Luckily, Tyson Chandler grabbed the offensive rebound and the ball was swung to JR Smith with 20 seconds left in the game. All Smith had to do was hold into the ball for the last shot, but instead launched a three from the top of the key with. He missed and with the remaining 17 seconds Houston hit two free throws to ice the game.

When asked why he didn’t hold the ball, Smith simply replied: “Honestly, I thought we were down two.”

Losing Track of the Play

These days NBA players are much friendlier with each other than in previous generations and no one is more friendly than JR. During a regular season game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Smith took a second to greet friend Jason Terry on the sideline. The problem? He did this just as Milwaukee was inbounding the ball allowing Smith’s man, Tony Snell, to collect the pass for an easy bucket.

When asked about it, JR gave us another amazing response claiming: “I didn’t even know I was in the game.”

A Shirt-less Champion

After the Cavaliers pulled off the greatest comeback in NBA Finals history, no one seemed happier than JR Smith. During the post-game celebrations Smith took off his shirt and didn’t look back. From their post-series party to the championship parade, Smith chose to rock the tattoos rather than a shirt. The shirtless celebrating became caught the attention of the national media and became such a big deal that JR began selling t-shirts that replicated his tattoo covered torso.

Expensive Shoe Laces

During the 2014 season, JR Smith was involved in three separate incidents where he was caught untying his opponents shoe laces during a free throw. He was first caught pulling Dwight Howard’s lace in a game at Houston. He followed that up making Shawn Marion his next victim during the Knicks visit to Dallas. After the second incident, the NBA issued a warning to Smith to stop the on-court antics.

How did JR respond? By attempting to untie Greg Monroe’s laces in the Knicks very next game. The NBA, clearly displeased that JR ignored their warning, slapped Smith with a $50,000 fine.

‘Cavs in 7’

In the early hours of June 8, 2017, JR Smith and his fellow Cleveland Cavaliers found themselves down 3-0 to the Golden State Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals. It was around this time that the most JR Smith thing of all time happened.

Just after midnight, a message to the rest of the world was sent from JR’s twitter account: “Cavs in 7.”

JR then deleted the tweet, blaming the incident on a hacker before admitting “I like the way he’s thinking.”

Although they would go on to win the following game, the Cavs would ultimately lose the Warriors in five games.

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