• Steven Appelbaum

Draymond Green is the Best Team Basketball Player Since Bill Russell

Yes, people assume that us Coloradans just sit around and get our “bud” on, but follow my logic and evidence here. Sure, Bill Russell won ten NBA championships and Draymond only has two (and counting), but Mr. Green’s dominant influence that gets his teammates to buy in on the defensive end leads me to make this seemingly outrageous claim.

Assistant coach Ron Adams has put together a great defensive scheme for the Warriors and has some good defensive pieces to work with like Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and David West. But Draymond keys all the switches, the rotations, and the help defense. His ability to communicate constantly allows his teammates to always close out on shooters while at the same time getting into defensive rebounding positions. The Warriors do not switch just for the sake of switching. They do it to cover shooters and create chaos for the offensive team!

The Warriors are the best shot-blocking team in the league. Ok, JaVale McGee can sky and Kevin Durant guards shorter players, but it’s the inside rotation that intimidates shooters. When Draymond is on somebody in the post, unlike most players who just try to muscle or play behind, Draymond is influencing the offensive player to go in the direction that is most advantageous to the Warriors. Once that player commits, the shot-blockers are ready to pounce.

Yeah, I know, he’s got fourteen technicals and counting, but think about the positive aspect that brings. Teammates know he’s continually speaking out for them as well as himself. He’s also trying to put into the officials’ minds that playing post defense correctly doesn’t necessarily mean fouling. And the passion for the game!

On the offensive end he’s a big-time passer and facilitator, runs the floor, hits the occasional three and gets his fare share of offensive boards. He understands that the Warriors must play with pace to take advantage of their shooters, but how many players understand how to play with pace on the defensive end? Tim Duncan may have been the consummate teammate, but that was Gregg Popovich’s system. Draymond Green is the best team basketball player since player-coach Bill Russell because the Steve Kerr and Ron Adams Golden State system only exists through his attitude and unique skillset.

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