• Kyle Zwiazek

Contracts and Houses: How NBA 2K Professional Players Are About to Make Big Money

“Do something important with your life instead of playing video games.” If you used to hear that paraphrased by your parents and mentors, hopefully you did not listen. The NBA 2K League keeps releasing information about the upcoming season and some of the most interesting notes cover the average salary for players and the competition’s final prize pool. Some teams have even released some looks and ideas for their sponsored team and player housing as well.

First off, according to the NBA 2K League Twitter, players that get drafted will be on 6-month contracts. This is a smart move for the NBA 2K League because it is only committing to players on the basis of their talents. Teams may not have the same level of adequate vetting that they would in a longer process so these shorter deals guarantee an opportunity to prove which players deserve longer deals with minimal risks for the organizations. The 6-month contract will be signed in March of 2018 and will last for the whole season. From there players will probably have opportunities to either renew their contracts or explore opportunities with other teams. Assuming the NBA 2K League takes off, eventually longer contracts will be given out to deserving players.

The League has also revealed how much money each player will make throughout his or her contract. First round picks will receive $35,000 for their 6-month contract while the other picks would receive $32,000. It is not the millions that NBA players are used to making, but is really solid money. The contracts would translate into $70,000 or $64,000 annually, more money than the average American makes in a year — and that’s not even considering free housing, travel, and health insurance. 2K League players are also allowed to make money on endorsements, creating a lucrative option for the players to earn extra cash.

When a player is drafted they will be required to move to the city of the team that drafts them. All of their relocation expenses will be paid for as well as their travel throughout the season. The housing will be paid for and some teams have even revealed their plans. Mavs Gaming revealed that they will have a house that all six players will be living in and even revealed some photos of its media room.

Blazers5 Gaming has a different plan and will split up their six players into three different apartments that are close to each other. The coaches will also be housed nearby. This will give the players a chance to get to know each other better and build a relationship. They also will be close to the coaches who should know the area well and be able to give them advice on places to go when they are not practicing.

Finally, it was announced that through a total of three tournaments and the league championship the NBA 2K League will be giving out $1 Million. Meaning that the incentive to win is definitely more than just pride. Players can certainly end their 6-month contract in a solid financial situation depending on success. This is the inaugural season. As it takes off, contracts and rewards will most likely grow while opportunities for sponsorships will be more lucrative too. It will be fun to see how the league grows as time goes on and if some superstar players are going to get rich alongside it.

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