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  • Kyle Zwiazek

NBA 2K Combine: Why Communication Is Key to the League

The NBA 2K League Combine has begun and the first days were already a big test for the competitors. At some times, it is the luck of the draw that disrupts the ability of players to show their skills. One of the biggest issues that is plaguing many 2K League hopefuls is the lack of communication. Communication is one of the most important aspects of sports, whether it is esports or traditional. Part of playing a team sport is being able to be on the same page as the rest of your team.

When most people play sports video games online they are just sitting on their couch not really focused on communicating with others. One might even argue that the reason to play sports video games is because it is easier than being social in ral life. Now that players are grouped together and trying to show their skills, the tensions are starting to run high. Out of the 72,000 that qualified for the NBA 2K League Combine, many do not have microphones to communicate with their teammates.

Not having a microphone is a big problem. NBA 2K teams are looking for players that are trying to take this opportunity seriously. That includes proving they can communicate with their teammates and establish a game plan. Like basketball outside of the digital realm there are different offensive and defensive strategies. When gamers are playing essentially a pick up game online, they need to be on the same page as their new teammates. Whether they are establishing a pick and roll offense or a zone defense, these players need to know what is going on. If half the team is doing something else because they are not communicating that can cause a real problem for the overall outcome of the match.

With basic communication, teams are also looking for leadership. When starting a game, it is important to establish what the team’s strategy is going to be. In the game itself, calling out open players or going over strategy throughout the game is important too. If a player is a point guard and wants a center to come set a pick, they should be able to tell that player. It is simple basketball that is essential to success.

The communication problems have even turned into a meme on twitter. Many players have shown their frustration with the others trying to become professional gamers. The problem is that even though communication is important, not everyone can afford a microphone. Since it was not required for players to play in the NBA 2K League Combine, it is just a frustration at this point. Teams are looking for the best 2K players. If they are amazing and do not have a microphone teams will still draft them. When they are playing in the league itself they will have the proper equipment to succeed at the highest level. Communication is important, but just like any sport talent trumps all.

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