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The NBA Outlet: Western Conference Trade Deadline Preview

SouthWest Division

- Gauging the value of Ryan Anderson

- Stay pat?

- The Spur move in the shadows

- Dinwiddie to the Spurs?

- New Orleans stays active with limited assets

- Time to blow up Memphis

- Marc Gasol?

- Wes Matthews? JJ Barea? Devin Harris?

- Noel has to be gone

NorthWest Division

- Can the TWolves make a move?

- Need bench help

- OKC is going to replace Roberson?

- Smart to OKC?

- Westbrook+Smart combo

- The Nuggets have been mentioned a lot

- Carroll? Smart? Wings?

- Jokic’s future deal

- Bad contracts

- DeAndre to Portland?

- Aminu? Davis? Harkless? Leonard?

- Could they move CJ

- The Jazz are willing to make moves

- Hood? Favor?

- Low-key buyers?

Pacific Division

- Could Golden State add more?

- Bench depth?

- Kyle O’Quinn?

- DeAndre? Lou? Bradley? Harris?

- The Clipper can really help their future

- 2019 focus for the Lakers

- Randle? Clarkson? Nance?

- Will the Suns do anything?

- Is George Hill gone

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