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The NBA Outlet: Eastern Conference Trade Deadline Preview

OTG’s Nick Fay and Kory Waldron preview the trade deadline for every Eastern Conference team. They talk rumors, potential deals, future deals, contracts, relationships, and much more.

Atlantic Division

- What does Boston do?

- Evan? Williams? Buyouts?

- Should the Raptors take a swing?

- Busy Sixers

- What do the Sixers need?

- Another trade in Brooklyn

- And more to come?

- The Knicks should trade a center

- Courtney Lee

- Make the smart move NYK

Central Division

- The Cavs could have their own pod

- More than one move

-IT on the move

- Nets pick

- LeBron

- Potential deals

- Should the Bucks make a splash?

- Backup point guard needed?

- Nothing from the Pacers?

- Sooooo much better than we thought

- More trades for the Pistons?

- Stanley Johnson

- The Bulls are doing rebuilding things

- Robin Lopez on the move

SouthEast Division

- John Wall and the Wizards

- What to do?

- Win or wait?

- The Heat have a lot of choices

- Will they make a move?

- Kemba?Batum?Williams?Howard?MKG?

- FireSale in the ATL

- The Magic will make a move

- Aaron Gordon?

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