• Matt Peoples

OTG's NBA Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 21

*The Sixers would also send the Lakers/Sacramento first round pick* and their own 2018 pick as well as their own 2020 first round pick*

If you’re going to make a splash, then make a splash.

With rumors of Kawhi Leonard’s alleged displeasure in San Antonio, the Sixers should go all in on acquiring the bonafide superstar. Leonard may have legitimate injury questions but if an opportunity like this presents itself, they should be implored to cash in their assets they’ve accumulated. Adding Leonard to a line up featuring Robert Covington, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid could compose one of the most devastating defensive lineups the league has seen. Leonard could also offer a 1A/1B scoring duo to complement Embiid and lead a truly formidable offense with Simmons point guard-ing the way.

If this trade were to occur, this would be a signaling of Leonard’s real discord with the franchise as well as somewhat of a youth movement for the Spurs. I am a true believer in Markelle Fultz and his regaining of his jump shot and if he does, he’s a worthy asset to begin trade negotiations around. But with Leonard’s superstar status, San Antonio would require more for their prized possession. Enter Dario Saric and high picks. Dario is a truly positive asset that could be more of a win-now piece for the Spurs while also remaining on the youth wave-length and whichever pick does not go to Boston between the Lakers and Kings pick could be the top 7 pick that teams covet in negotiations like this.* Jerryd Bayless will be the truly prized return in this trade. No, Bayless will not be the prized return - he will be the prized salary filler but a prize nonetheless!


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