• Kory Waldron

OTG's NBA Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 15

*Indiana Pacers send a 2018 first round draft pick to the Phoenix Suns*

It recently was reported that the Pacers would not give up the future for the chance to win now. Realistically, any blockbuster move made won’t push the Pacers to contenders. However, there’s a chance to start moving smaller pieces for younger assets to really push for the future.

The Phoenix Suns are stuck between a dumpster fire and, well, something equally worse. Suns have some nice pieces, primarily the future superstar Devin Booker. Josh Jackson hasn’t been great in his rookie season and his role hasn’t been extended due to guys like TJ Warren having breakout years. Suns also have several contracts that they’d like to move. Greg Monroe is likely to be bought out unless he’s moved for the second time. Monroe being on an expiring deal is a benefit since $17 million long term for Monroe would be quite dreadful.

As for this trade from the Pacers perspective, if they can acquire a young guy like Warren. You have to do it. Now I understand, they said they won’t give up the future. Well, this isn’t giving up the future, this is building for the future. TJ Warren can make a serious impact now and is locked up for the next 4 years where he can progress even further. Tyson Chandler is more expensive than Al Jefferson, yet, he fills a void better. He’d be a new, yet still a veteran presence on the roster. While also helping the Pacers in the much needed area of rebounding and rim protection.

The Pacers draft pick isn’t going to be anything that is worth saving, the Pacers surprise year made sure of that. The Suns will continue to want young players and picks as they try to get out of this rebuild. So the Pacers trade Bojan Bogdanovic who is a capable scorer, but no long term solution for either team. Al Jefferson who is simply a cheaper contract on the Suns books till the end of next year. While the Suns get the young power forward TJ Leaf, who does have potential and will likely see a bigger role in Phoenix than he has in Indiana. Leaf will have to be a guy the Suns believe could be a core guy. While the Suns also get a first round draft pick.

This would be a move for the Pacers I'd co-sign. The Suns interest would be the real question mark.


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