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  • Evan Dyal

OTG's NBA Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 13

Like the Wizards, the Bucks have underperformed. That is why Jason Kidd was fired. The Bucks need help on defense and up front on the boards. Here comes Derrick Favors, who would be a perfect fit for them. Favors is a very good center, who can rebound, protect the paint and a great roll guy on offense. Rodney Hood gives them another shooter/scorer off the bench, or he can start. The risk here is they are both free agents. Milwaukee would need to be confident they could re-sign both in the offseason. It also means giving up on young prospects like Thon Maker and D.J Wilson. Utah would love those young guys, as they appear to be lottery bound. Utah will unlikely be able to sign Hood and Favors, so it makes sense to trade them. It means punting the season, but that’s the best move. Dellavedova is the other throw in, his contract is bad, but he is a Jazz kind of player.


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