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The Brooklyn Buzz EP. 27 -Losses, Greedy Fans, Jarrett Allen

OTG’s Nick Fay and Jac Manuell discuss the last three Nets’ losses, are fans being greedy? , LeVert snubbed, Jarrett Allen's growth and more.

Frustrating loss in OKC

- No call late -_- /two minute report

- No respect from the refs

- Joe Harris with another nice game

- LeVert benched?

- Impact on the team

Bucks crush the Nets

- Slow start

- Need another playmaker in starting lineup

- Missing open shots

- Mental toughness

- RHJ hurt

- Some flashes DLo

- One good quarter

- Double team stars?

Another loss on the trip

- No LeVert, DLO,RHJ

- Bad start

-Okafor impresses

- Kenny Atkinson is pissed Are Nets fans getting greedy?

- We won 20 games last year

- Lin injury

- Booker trade

- Player improvement LeVert snubbed in the Rising Star game

- Does he deserve it?

Jarrett Allen growth

- Numbers

- Defense

- Rebounding

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