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  • Jonathan Ebrahimi

What if the Cleveland Cavaliers ......

What if…

What if the Cleveland Cavaliers try to do the unthinkable and trade LeBron James.

I know that it sounds impossible, and truthfully it probably is given the No Trade Clause on James’ contract.

But picture this.

Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman leak to the media that they are actively shopping James. The story goes out that they don’t think LeBron will return and they don’t want him to leave the team with nothing in return (again). The Cavs paint themselves as a franchise that will struggle when James indeed moves on and they want to team to remain competitive in his absence… you know, for the fans.

Gilbert would approach LeBron and pitch to him the idea that James’ can choose his destination this year and avoid sinking with the ship that is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Let’s say James agrees.

Given the current landscape, there is really only one or two options. Either he joins Houston or he joins San Antonio.

In Houston, James may see a legitimate contender as well as the option to play alongside his good friend Chris Paul and James Harden, creating a legitimate big-3. In San Antonio, James might see the opportunity to play alongside Kawhi Leonard and the option to play for the greatest coach of all time.

In return the Cavs would receive a handful of decent rotation players to team with Kevin Love and Isaiah Thomas (if they decide to keep him) as well as a slew of future first round draft picks. It’s obviously not equal value but in this case, there’s no such thing.

I know it sounds impossible, but what if…

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