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The NBA Outlet EP. 101 - A Founding Father Returns

OTG’s Nick Fay and Kory Waldron are joined by one of the original NBA Outlet co-hosts(Parth Goradia) to talk LeBron, Cavs, Jason Kidd, All-Star Draft, and more.


- Favorite LeBron moment

Jason Kidd Fired

- Reactions

- Underperforming

- Relationships

- Kidd’s future

- What to expect from the Bucks the rest of the season?

Cavs Drama, Again

- Team meeting/calling out Love for leaving Saturday’s game against OKC with an illness

- IT says the team does not practice or play hard enough

- 3.5 games ahead of the eighth seed

- Should Love ask for a trade?

- Are the Cavs screwed?

All-Star Reserves Draft

- Kory as LeBron

- Parth as Curry

- Draft

BONUS: G-League inside info with Parth

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