• Jac Manuell

OTG's NBA Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 4.5

As of today (Sunday January 21) the Detroit Pistons are out of the playoff race. They’re on a four game losing streak and are a game behind the Bucks for the 8th seed. If they want to reach the postseason then they have to be active before the end of the trade deadline.

The Brooklyn Nets have some valuable assets that many teams would kill to have (see: Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie and DeMarre Carroll). Teams like Detroit that are on the fringes would be a perfect destination for any of those guys should they be able to package a deal that satisfies Sean Marks and the franchise. Kevin Pelton of ESPN mentioned the fact that he feels strongly about DeMarre being moved:

Adrian Wojnarowski also reaffirmed the rumours with Detroit reportedly one of the suitors for DeMarre’s services. Finally, via Nets Daily:

“The Free Press noted in mid-December that the Pistons were “outbid” for Carroll’s services back in 2015, when he became a member of the Toronto Raptors.”

I also ran by my trade questions via The Step Back:

Taking all of that into account, the trade above is one that benefits both teams. The Pistons not only get the wing they’ve been vying for since 2015 but also a more than capable bench scorer in Joe Harris. This season Harris has been averaging exceptional numbers of 10.3 points per game in a touch under 25 minutes playing time, all while possessing an exceptional effective field goal percentage of 59.7%; good for 7th in the league, taking into account his 39.1% from the perimeter, and 47.5% from the field.

The Nets, meanwhile, get a quality young piece in Luke Kennard, who was taken 12th overall in the most recent draft, and fits perfectly in Coach Kenny’s pace and space system. Additionally, they receive the defensive prowess of Stanley Johnson, who despite being a liability in his shooting still has plenty of potential, as he’s only 21 years of age. We’ve seen the development of Rondae Hollis-Jefferson as a player, there’s no reason to say Kenny Atkinson couldn’t do the same with Johnson. While Langston Galloway is on somewhat of an inflated salary (3 yrs, $21 million), his presence in the deal makes the salaries work for both sides. The Nets could also chuck in this year’s second-round pick, via Indiana, to level out the overall value of the trade for Detroit.

There aren’t many trades that work well for both sides, but in many ways this one does. Brooklyn receives a few young assets they can use to build around for their next playoff run, while Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons get two proven players who are both having career years. For Detroit to elevate themselves back into the playoff race they need to make a significant move, one such as this could help give them the push they so sorely need.


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