• Evan Dyal

OTG's NBA Trade Deadline Marathon: Day 1

*Charlotte also sends second round pick to Los Angeles Lakers

The Charlotte Hornets have stunk this year. They are 18-25 and are likely not making the playoffs if things stay pat. Injuries and inconsistent play have been the story of the season so far. They can go several different directions at the deadline. Charlotte can blow it up, stay the course or make a win now move. Based on their history, they will likely do anything they can to get the 7th or the 8th seed.

That is what this trade does. Julius Randle can replace Marvin Williams at the starting power forward spot and it would be an instant upgrade. He can also play some small-ball center for the Hornets. Jordan Clarkson gives Charlotte exactly what it needs in another scoring guard. He can replace Michael Carter-Williams at backup point guard and even play alongside Kemba Walker at times. Charlotte would instantly get better and if they can get away with only giving up a second, this trade is worth it.

The Lakers get rid of two players who don’t fit their timeline anyway. In return they get a second round pick, which they need since they likely won't have their first, so any pick helps. They also get Frank Kaminsky who is a solid backup, who can play the four or the five and gives the Lakers some much needed shooting. MKG could come off the bench behind Brandon Ingram and provide some defense for the Lakers. Both are areas of need. Also, both are fairly young and have room to grow, and more importantly both are cheap. That gives room for the Lakers to go big game hunting this summer.

Charlotte will lose defense with MKG, but the offense they get more than makes up for it. Batum can move to the three (by the way they will try to trade him, but it will be near impossible). Jeremy Lamb can start at the two; he should be starting right now anyway. With this lineup they have a chance to make a playoff run, and Randle at least is a solid building block for the future. I am sure the Lakers would like a little more for Clarkson and Randle, but this is a solid get.


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