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The NBA Outlet EP. 99 - AD, NBA Fight Week, Cavs, Disappointment Team

OTG’s Nick Fay and Kory Waldron discuss the play of Anthony Davis, all of the NBA drama, the Cavs’ issues, the return of Jabari Parker, and their low-key disappointing teams.

Anthony Davis is on FIRE

- Last four games

- Is he a top 5 player

- Should the Celtics make a move?

Rockets vs Clippers Drama

- CP3’s return

- Blake vs D’Antoni

- CP3 vs Blake

- Ariza vs the Clippers

- Austin Rivers

- Clippers’ locker room last year.

More NBA Drama

- Kyle Lowry and Ben Simmons

- Aaron Afflalo and Nmejenca Belijenca

Cavs Issues

- Player quotes

- IT’s defense

- Cavs continue to disappointment

Jabari Parker Return Two Weeks Before the ASG - What can he bring?

- This offseason

Low-key disappointing team - Who has disappointed???

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