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The NBA Outlet EP. 95 - IT’s Return, DeRozan, Harden, Paul George and More

OTG’s Nick Fay and Evan Dyal talk about Isiah Thomas’s return, DeMar DeRozan big game, James Harden’s injury, Paul George to LA and more.

IT’s Return

- How did he do?

- His biggest value to the Cavs

- Derrick Rose

- CLE vs GSW

DeRozan Drops 52

- New and improved DeRozan

- Three-point shot

- Best guard in the East?

James Harden Injured

- How long?

- The impact

- MVP case

Paul George’s Comments

- Should OKC be mad?

- A lock for LA?

- Will he be traded?

2018 Outlook

- Looking forward to _____


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